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Let's Get Moovn.

We Specialize in Moov

... and Booths

Enjoy Your Special Day

Memorable, Shareable experiences for your guests

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Lights, Camera, Action! Our Moov Booth provides a turn-key engagement which is safe, dependable, instagram-able fun. You bring your group and share the gift of Moov!


Moov Booth provides specialized services for its clients. Whether it is a corporate event or private party, we focus on delivering world class service for you and your guests. We do not stop until we have 'Made IT Happen. We want to increase your event experience and create shareable moments. 

Sharing Options

Make an impact on social media by being able to use any of these sharing options along with a web gallery for you and your guests.


You're putting so much thought and attention into your big day,

why should the photo booth be any less beautiful than your decor, flowers, or all those thoughtful details?


We're not just a

photobooth company,

We are an event solution.

We engineer a custom Brand Experience through stimulating
photo and video installations

360 Moov-erang

A 360 Moov-erang, or boomerang records a short video, which will be played back and forth for a super cool video effect for your 360!

Your event is unique to you, your booth should be too.  We have plenty of options  that can all be customized especially for you.  Don't see what you are looking for?! 

Let us know, we can create custom event solutions just for you! We start with the highest quality photos, impeccably lit...  and from there the sky is the limit. Guests can instantly share their branded images and we pre-load the shares with your custom message,

so don't forget your #Hashtag

  • Are you a party or event planner wanting to make their party phenomenal!? We’re here to help and plan with you! 

  • Have a date and venue in mind? Nothing locked in? Booking with us won’t tie your hands. We accommodate changes as your plans evolve. 

  • We can create or replicate a vision or theme and give you exactly what you’re looking for!

Get in Touch

Servicing DC, Maryland & Virginia

We look forward to moovin' with you!

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