We Specialize in Moov

... and Booths


Photo Booth

Our Moov Booth captures the highest quality still images and apply customized photographic effects


360 Slo-moov

360 Slo moov is a slomo video function that starts off fast and ends up sloooow. 

GettyImages-886949722 copy.jpg

Gif Booth

Capture a full range of motion with quick photo bursts. Need a little more?! Add animatio or even audio. We send them out as SHARE ready video files.

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360 Moov-erang

A 360 Moov-erang, or boomerang records a short video, which will be played back and forth for a super cool video effect for your 360!

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Prints are unlimited, however are only applicable to your photo strips or 4x8 prints


Open Air - Enclose

Open air means it is visibile to everyone at the event while an enclosure is more private, however some features require one or the other